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g2k18 hackathon report: Carlos Cardenas on vmm/vmd progress, LACP

Contributed by Peter N. M. Hansteen on from the vmm, vmm, vmm dept.

Another g2k18 hackathon report has arrived, this one from Carlos Cardenas (ccardenas@), who writes:

This was my first hackathon and as a FNG, I didn't know what to expect, except for meeting folks and being able to place a face with their name/handle.

Luckily, I got some great advice from mlarkin@:
You can start something; You can finish something; But you can't start and finish something at a Hackathon.

I came into the first day with high expectations: add some administrative knobs to our LACP driver and do some much needed vmd(8) hacking from my todo list.

The first couple of days were a killer; jet lag got the better of me from Sunday to Wednesday making a simple patch to LACP that much harder to test. About the time I was starting to test it out, I had a nice conversation with reyk@ about the features Netflix added to the LACP driver in FreeBSD (along with the provenance of their trunk/lagg driver: hint, came from OpenBSD).

I'm hoping to return to this effort soon.

After some much needed sleep into Wednesday (my body reverted back to PDT time), I realized I wouldn't be finishing up my planned LACP driver update during this trip and so switched over to vmd(8) since it's not often I'm in the same room as mlarkin@ and reyk@.

The remaining days I've spent testing patches from mlarkin@ and reyk@ (lots of good vmm/vmd goodies got committed during the event; I'll let them talk about their work) and some good planning sessions with both of them on upcoming vmd work.

Oh, as true to the words of wisdom above, I've started some stuff that will be trickling in over the coming weeks.

Many thanks to Mitja and The OpenBSD Foundation for a great hackathon.

And many thanks to the people of Ljubljana for y'all's hospitality, beautiful city, and great food.

Thanks for the report and the work we'll be seeing soon (we hope) in snapshots!

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  1. By John Lloyd (bitminer) on

    This has interesting work on templating VMs -- using existing VMs as the basis for another one (or a set).

    However I dislike the new syntax in vm.conf(5).

    If you create a new VM, the syntax reads "vm bob". But if you create a new one based on Bob's grandpa, it is "vm bobsgrandpa instance bob".

    This is counterintuitive to my brain. "vm bob" should always be "vm bob". The manpage even uses the term template but then replaces it with "instance" with reversed verb and noun.

    I would prefer:

    vm bobsgrandpa allow instance memory disk interface

    vm bob template bobsgrandpa memory 2g disk /path/to/bob.disk interfaces 2

    which makes the parent/child (ok, grandchild) relationship clear.


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