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g2k18 Hackathon Report: Klemens Nanni on improvements to route(8), pfctl(8), and mount(2)

Contributed by rueda on from the prefix-fix dept.

The next g2k18 report comes from Klemens Nanni (kn@), who writes:

With no clear goal in mind, I mainly set out to g2k18 for meeting new faces, discovering the city and to wander off through various places in our tree…

First in sight was route(8); its code is a bit unusual and, as it turned out a few weeks earlier on tech@, did not always do what it's supposed to: The way IPv6 destination addresses or rather prefix lengths were handled was subtly broken. In some cases hosts would be treated as /64 subnets, in others the specified prefix length would simply be ignored. After lots of discussions and feedback I was happy to get rid of the guess work and fix behaviour as intended by mostly removing code. Read current.html for more details.

Not far away pfctl(8)'s parser could need some love: Playing with queues on one of my servers revealed flaws that allowed me to load invalid configurations into PF, either making packet accounting and throttling have no effect or creating queues that were not attached to any interface at all. With some help from sashan@ and henning@, this got fixed quite quickly while removing duplicate code yet again!

At last there was an old mount(2) diff lingering on bugs@ that ought to make it: Luckily noone ever seemed to hit it, yet there was a simple check missing that should prevent `async' and `softdep' from being set at the same time. VFS(9) is not exactly the place I wanted to be, so I rushed away after making sure users wouldn't be able to make the same mistake any longer.

In between these sanity efforts I strode from table to table, asking fellow hackers about their topics, always looking for new discussions and ideas. My todo list slowly started to grow, others finally finished their projects after help and review from the hackroom.

Ljubljana is great! Not only was the venue right next to our dorms, you'd also reach the city in a few minutes. Satisfied by the beautiful places and gorgeous food, I had an excellent week.

Mitja deserves a huge thanks for organising the event, including a trip to the caves and beach. Thanks everyone, hopefully until next time!

Thanks Klemens!

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