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LDAP client added to -current

Contributed by rueda on from the ldapd-gets-a-friend dept.

Reyk Floeter (reyk@) has committed a simple LDAP client to -current:

Module name:	src
Changes by:	2018/06/13 09:45:58

Log message:
    Import ldap(1), a simple ldap search client.
    We have an ldapd(8) server and ypldap in base, so it makes sense to
    have a simple LDAP client without depending on the OpenLDAP package.
    This tool can be used in an ssh(1) AuthorizedKeysCommand script.
    With feedback from many including millert@ schwarze@ gilles@ dlg@ jsing@
    OK deraadt@
    Vendor Tag:	reyk
    Release Tags:	ldap_20180613
    N src/usr.bin/ldap/Makefile
    N src/usr.bin/ldap/aldap.c
    N src/usr.bin/ldap/aldap.h
    N src/usr.bin/ldap/ber.c
    N src/usr.bin/ldap/ber.h
    N src/usr.bin/ldap/ldap.1
    N src/usr.bin/ldap/ldapclient.c
    N src/usr.bin/ldap/log.c
    N src/usr.bin/ldap/log.h
    No conflicts created by this import

See the man page for a full description of ldap(1).

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  1. By rjc (rjc) on

    It's good to have alternatives!

    Is there an ETA for it getting hooked into the build, i.e. into snapshots?

    1. By rjc (rjc) on

      Answering my own question -


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