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New Grammar for smtpd.conf

Contributed by rueda on from the match from gilles@ new grammar action "report" dept.

Gilles Chehade (gilles@) has committed (to -current) the new smtpd.conf grammar discussed in his p2k18 hackathon report.

In a followup message to tech@ and misc@, Gilles wrote [in part]:


I have just committed a major change in smtpd that'll require smtpd.conf
to be rewritten before your update to the new code.

The new grammar is not TOO different from the former one, a lot of stuff
remains exactly identical, but the ruleset is now split into two parts:

- a named action
- a matching pattern which is associated to a named action

In effect, instead of having:

    accept from any for local deliver to mbox

You will have:

    action "my_action" mbox

    match from any for local action "my_action"

There are a few keywords that have been shortened too but all in all the
switch to new grammar is easy, the smtpd.conf man page has been updated,
and it continues being improved thanks to ingo and jmc.

The man page by itself should be enough to do the switch.

Since this is quite a major change, I also wrote a post that describes a
conversion of my own complex smtpd.conf to new grammar:

The FAQ page on following -current has been updated accordingly.

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