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p2k18 Hackathon report: Bob Beck on pledge, non-pledge and soon to be revealed goodies

Contributed by Nayden Markatchev on from the trading (diffs) desk dept.

Next up with a p2k18 report is Bob Beck (beck@):

So, I arrived at p2k18 after flying from Calgary with deraadt@ and meeting up with krw@ in Paris. A one way rental car got us to Nantes with my phone navigating.

On arrival we set up and started working on things pledge(2) and non-pledge(NaN) related in the kernel. I spent most of the week on this rapidly trading diffs and tests and feature changes with deraadt@.

Unfortunately for this undeadly report, what I'm working on isn't really ready to be public yet, as it's still changing a lot. (it is unrecognizable from what it was at the start of the hackathon. We will hopefully unveil it sometime soon).

A bunch of other time was spent reviewing diffs and the usual hackathon shenanigans.

Thanks to everyone who was there, and Epitech and the Foundation for sponsoring us I had a great time in Nantes and got a lot done.

Thanks Bob!

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