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a2k18 Hackathon Report: Ken Westerback on dhclient and more

Contributed by rueda on from the airports dept.

Ken Westerback (krw@) has sent in the first report from the (recently concluded) a2k18 hackathon:

YYZ -> YVR -> MEL -> ZQN -> CHC -> DUD -> WLG -> AKL -> SYD -> BNE -> YVR -> YYZ.


Once in Dunedin the hacking commenced. The background was a regular tick of new meltdown diffs to test in addition to whatever work one was actually engaged in. I was lucky (?) in that none of the problems with the various versions cropped up on my laptop.

I worked with rpe@ and tb@ to make the install script create the 'correct' FQDN when dhclient was involved. I worked with tb@ on some code cleanup in various bits of the base. dhclient(8) got some nice cleanup, further pruning/improving log messages in particular. In addition the oddball -q option was flipped into the more normal -v. I.e. be quiet by default and verbose on request.

More substantially the use of recorded leases was made less intrusive by avoiding continual reconfiguration of the interface with the same information. The 'request', 'require' and 'ignore' dhclient.conf(5) statement were changed so they are cumulative, making it easier to build longer lists of affected options.

I tweaked softraid(4) to remove a handrolled version of duid_format().

I sprinkled a couple of M_WAITOK into amd64 and i386 mpbios to document that there is really no need to check for NULL being returned from some malloc() calls.

I continued to help test the new filesystem quiescing logic that deraadt@ committed during the hackathon.

I only locked myself out of my room once!

Fueled by the excellent coffee from local institutions The Good Earth Cafe and The Good Oil Cafe, and the excellent hacking facilities and accommodations at the University of Otago it was another enjoyable and productive hackathon south of the equator. And I even saw penguins.

Thanks to Jim Cheetham and the support from the project and the OpenBSD Foundation that made it all possible.

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  1. By H3artbl33d (h3artbl33d) on

    I am always happy that such an awesome job is done by the devs. Expect another donation to the OpenBSD foundation pretty soon!

  2. By Anonymous Coward (anonymouse) on

    Full marks to your travel agent, nice mileage run?


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