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p2k17 Hackathon report: Sebastian Reitenbach on Puppet progress

Contributed by Nayden Markatchev on from the master of puppets dept.

The next p2k17 report comes from Sebastian Reitenbach (sebastian@):
As not a local Berliner, but one who lives nearby, it would be a shame to not to come to a Hackathon in Berlin. Unfortunately I only could make it the first three days.
I was basically focused on Puppet related things. Most smaller pieces were already prepared, and just had to be cleaned up, before sending to review. That was the puppetboard update, which also required a few new and updated dependencies, as well as updates to puppet 5 and puppetdb 5. Puppetboard meanwhile hit the ports tree, puppet 5 and puppetdb 5 will follow soon.

The other two days I spent on the puppetserver, which is a beast by itself. jasper@, as the former Puppet maintainer, already struggled with it. If you want to get to know all the gory details about his and my struggles, read up the SERVER-14 ticket in the Puppetlabs JIRA. Anyways, I updated my WIP port to the latest version, so I could mess with something recent. I finally managed to get it to start up and serve an agent. While there, I figured that the eyaml Hiera encryption backend doesn't seem to work with the puppetserver. Don't know yet what the actual problem is. Being unable to encrypt/decrypt secrets and other sensitive data you usually have in the Hiera Git repository would be a big bummer. Therefore, I gave the GPG backend for the eyaml Hiera backend a try and saw that this worked like a charm. Since it is also useful with the current Puppet, with some help from Jeremy@, I got that imported as well. Anyways, to get puppetserver port work out of the box, a couple of other puppet related ports also need some tweaks but first the update to Puppet 5 is required. That said, the puppetserver port is still WIP, but I at least now see a way forward with it.

Even if it were only three days, I made quite some progress here, that otherwise could not have happened. Thanks to stsp@, benno@ and anyone else who was involved to make this hackathon happen.

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