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t2k17 Hackathon Report: Andrew Hewus Fresh on Perl and Coffee

Contributed by Andrew Hewus Fresh on from the dark roasted perl please dept.

Our next hackathon report comes from Andrew Hewus Fresh, who writes:

I began this hackathon a day late due to travel for work, although that had the benefit that I had a few days before to adjust to the new timezone. It still took a couple days before my brain recovered from all the meetings I had attended the earlier in the week.

I planned to start with something easy due to that, and that was the minor perl 5.24.2 update that I got committed, and then move on to the more involved work of updating patched for 5.26.0. However, I ended up having issues with testing that I couldn't track down other than they went away when I moved from mfs to a real disk that meant things took longer than expected so I didn't get to 5.26.

I did take a hint from bluhm@ where he found some modules that are now included in the perl core and wrote up a small script to compare what is in the base set lists to what is in perl directories in port PLISTs and found a couple more ports that could be removed. I also started some work on updating some of my ports, but didn't get any of them submitted.

The perl update did cause a couple other people to start looking at the local patches we have for perl which added some much needed encouragement for me to push those patches upstream, which I hope to have time to start working on next week.

I also got to have a few minutes involvement in mortimer@'s RETGUARD idea when deraadt@ asked me to look at the perl that generates the libcrypto assembly to figure out how to add the xor calls in the right place.

danj@ also mentioned that my check_openbgpd port wasn't working properly which sounded familiar, so I looked at what was wrong there. It turns out I fixed it nearly two and a half years ago but forgot to update the port. So, spent some time making changes to where it is hosted and such so I could make a new release and update the port. Shortly after, Daniel pushed that change back to 6.2.

Other than that, I again brought some coffee and stuff to make it, mostly to see beck@'s eye-roll. As usual, I really enjoyed showing folks how to use the different coffee making options although folks didn't drink enough, so I ended up giving away a few bags of coffee at the end of the week. That was likely due to krw@ having already provided a very nice spread of coffee options ahead of time and at least ten pounds of coffee that did mostly disappear.

Many thanks to krw@ for setting things up, Lisa and I had a great time.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Thanks for all the work on perl. It's greate to always have a recent version of perl!


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