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t2k17 Hackathon Report: No lock no cry... with CTF! (Martin Pieuchot)

Contributed by Nayden Markatchev on from the CTF FTW! dept.

The next t2k17 report comes from Martin Pieuchot (mpi@) who writes

I came to Toronto with two goals. The first one was to not do much
Network/MP hacking, the second one was to get the next milestone
towards DTrace in and the third one was to dance.

Apart from some "dance with your socket " lock diffs, I didn't move
forward with unlocking the socket layer. I wanted to see if something
happened. So I sat next to guenther@ hoping that I could help him to
unlock the top of the kernel. But I don't shout loud enough for a
hackathon, so Philip got preempted and I'm still waiting for a diff.

On the CTF side I imported my ISC-licensed ctfdump [0] and ctfconv [1],
and implemented symbol pretty printing in ddb(4). With jasper@'s help
we then changed kernel build infrastructure to use ctfstrip(1) instead
of the traditional strip(1). Which means GENERIC kernel now always
contain CTF data.

I also jumped into the Coverity train and fixed some issues. daniel@
found the right moment to start scanning our kernel!

Since it's a hackathon I had to dive into some weird USB issues, this
time a multiple report HID device. Which I decided not to tackle and
went swing dancing.

It was a great hackathon. I enjoyed meeting all the new and old
hackers again. I had plenty of interesting chats. I was really happy
to come back. Thanks to the University of Toronto and krw@ for the


Thank you, Martin for your exciting repot from t2k17!

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  1. By Nathan ( on

    I think the correct ctfconv link is:

  2. By Stefan Sperling (stsp) on

    No dancing afterall?

    1. By rueda (rueda) on

      Which I decided not to tackle and went swing dancing.

      > No dancing afterall?

      It may only* be swing, but that's a little harsh! ;-)

      [* see my user ID]


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