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Contributed by pitrh on from the a-source-a-day-keeps-the-bugs-away dept.

OpenBSD developer Adam Wolk (awolk@) talks about a community effort to read at least one C source file from OpenBSD every day at

I made a new years resolution to read at least one C source file from OpenBSD daily. The goal was to both get better at C and to contribute more to the base system and userland development.

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  1. By Blake (2a01:e34:ec06:8f90:cabc:c8ff:fedb:4d83) on

    This is a cracking great idea that many organizations would do well to adopt.


  2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    I'm just thinking I did everything wrong. Looking back 22 years when I first bought a K&R and started on a C coding path, the learning curve looked something like this: first four years were very steep learning curve filled with reading many programs and learning lots of system calls by (hundreds of?) sample/skeleton programs. But the creation of programs were limited.

    The following four years after that were the first programs that exceeded 1000 lines and had a certain sophistication. Then came the first program that came to be the first project, written from scratch, 20000+ lines of code over the span of 10 years, but, hardly any code reading in the UNIX user land source, little code reading in the kernel. Looks like a stark contrast to what's suggested.

    Another question that pops up in my mind is how much should one be passive and read others code before becoming active and possibly writing things from scratch?

    Also, where do you draw the line on "poking someone else mind?". Code reading is cool but every time you do it you assume the state of mind of someone else, does it annoy you or do you feel swept away? Does it amass questions or does it open the pandoras box? How far does the rabbit hole really go down?


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