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MWL's "Relayd and Httpd Mastery" Published

Contributed by rueda on from the fending off the sharks dept.

Relayd and Httpd Mastery, the latest book in the "Mastery" series by Michael W Lucas, is now available.

From the author's page for the book:

The httpd web server provides a fast, stable, secure environment for your web applications. The relayd load balancer lets you distribute Internet application load across multiple hosts. Between the two, you can slash hundreds of thousands of dollars off the cost of building, deploying, and managing applications.

(Those who purchased the book very early should check "Relayd and Httpd Mastery," both the good and the bad.)

MWL's site lists the ways to purchase the book in ebook and printed formats.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    "slash hundreds of thousands of dollars off the cost"... How does that work then?

    1. By Noryungi (noryungi) on

      > "slash hundreds of thousands of dollars off the cost"... How does that work then?

      Here is a hint for you: compare the prices of an F5 Load Balancer with the cost of a small OpenBSD machine running relayd.

      Now, try to do the same with Cisco vs OpenBSD. Go ahead, I'll wait.

      If OpenBSD + relayd + httpd allow you to load balance web applications by using commodity, off-the-shelf hardware vs expensive, closed-source, proprietary solutions, savings (very) quickly add up.

      On a more positive note, I ordered the book today.


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