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OpenBSD's sndiod: now with privsep

Contributed by tj on from the sounds-good-to-me dept.

Desktop users can feel just a bit safer now, as Alexandre Ratchov (ratchov@) has introduced some initial privilege separation to sndiod(1).

Module name:	src
Changes by:	2015/12/20 04:38:33

Modified files:
	usr.bin/sndiod : Makefile listen.c miofile.c siofile.c sndiod.c 
Added files:
	usr.bin/sndiod : fdpass.c fdpass.h 

Log message:
In case of a bug in sndiod, an attacker (a local user) could run
arbitrary code as user _sndio, i.e. get a second uid.

Mitigate the risk by implementing initial privilege separation as
follows. Break sndiod in two processes: a chroot()ed "worker" process
processing input, and a non-chroot()ed "helper" process opening
devices and passing descriptors to the worker.

With help from benno, claudio, semarie and gilles.

ok benno, semarie and tb

That's one more daemon down!

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