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u2k15: sebastia@ on packages progress

Contributed by pitrh on from the ümlaut my packages dept.

The next u2k15 hackathon report comes from Sebastian Reitenbach (sebastia@), with adventures from packages land:

With my rare spare time, I took the chance to attend a hackathon nearby. Even I haven't had much business dealing with ümlauts and other odd characters, I had enough on my list to keep me busy.

So the time I was there, I mostly spent updating the ports I maintain. Most notably the x11/gnustep/libobjc2 got updated to the current version. Some additional rework to the module was done to enable all of its new and shinly features for the platforms building it with LLVM.

Another thing I wanted to address for a long time: www/sope and www/sogo generate a lot of compilation warnings. I always wanted to get rid of those, but never really had time to look into that more closely. Fortunately, I got contacted just a week before the Hackathon from Euan Thoms, the FreeBSD port maintainer of those ports. With the help of my patches in our ports tree, he got it to work on FreeBSD, and now was working on remedy the warnings. I was quite happy about that, I only had to test that nothing breaks for us. Meanwhile, the large amount of patches for www/sope got merged upstream.

Further I worked on www/opengroupware to build the Apache module against Apache 2, instead of the old OpenBSD apache that already moved quite some time ago from base to the ports tree. Generally, I got it to work, but some polishing here is still needed.

That objective-c stuff is quite picky about different runtimes, compilers and platforms it is build, and runs on, so I was stuffed with a macppc, i386 and amd64 notebook, and kept those busy building and testing.

Other thing I did was to have a look to further improve my package build environment for one of the most important platforms we support, and I'm responsible for: VAX. Installation on VAX can take about one or two hours, so I improved my installation scripts a bit, adapted the switch from sudo to doas etc. It's a combination of netboot, autoinstall, siteXX.tgz and script. Each of those VAXen can netboot from the other. Installation still takes the same amount of time, but now again, I can use the time more productively that with the boring process of following the installation along. Last but not least here, I was switching my DPB setup to run DPB as root. I'm still a bit struggling here, but I think I'm on a good way.

After all, that was fairly productive hackathon for me, thanks go to stsp@ for organizing, and IN-Berlin for hosting us.

Thanks for the report and a lot of excellent work, Sebastian!

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