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Heads Up: spamd(8) PF Rule Change

Contributed by tbert on from the divert-power-to-shields dept.

With a recent commit, Reyk Flöter (reyk@) flipped the switch on spamd(8)'s pf interfacement:

hange spamd to use divert-to instead of rdr-to.

divert-to has many advantages over rdr-to for proxies.  For example,
it is much easier to use, requires less code, does not depend on
/dev/pf, works in-band without the asynchronous lookup (DIOCNATLOOK
ioctl), saves us from additional port allocations by the rdr/NAT code,
and even avoids potential collisions and race conditions that could
theoretically happen with the lookup.

Heads up: users will have to update their spamd PF rules from rdr-to
to divert-to.  spamd now also listens to instead of "any"
( by default which should be fine with most setups but has to
be considered for some special configurations.

Those of you running spamd setups looking to upgrade need to double-check your pf configurations to make sure they still work the way you expect.

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  1. By Just Another OpenBSD User ( on

    Do these need a quick review/update possibly?

    1. By Otto Moerbeek (otto) on

      > Do these need a quick review/update possibly?

      man page: yes
      faq: not yet, the faq describes last release.


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