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OpenBSD 5.7 CD 2 Incorrectly Pressed

Contributed by jj on from the the-dj-scratched-my-disk dept.

OpenBSD project leader Theo de Raadt (deraadt@) outlined some issues with the CD plant, which led to an incorrectly-finished CD 2, some of which were, unfortunately, shipped prior to the issue being found.

Sadly, CD2 of the OpenBSD 5.7 shipped in a broken fashion due to errors at the manufacturing plant. Two mistakes were made.

In the rush after the first error, this error was not caught in time. Many people have received (or will soon receive) their package with this broken disc. Orders which have not yet shipped are being held back... because...

A repaired disc is on the way from the plant.

This will be shipped out to everyone, and will be inserted into the orders not yet shipped.

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  1. By Ed Ahlsen-Girard ( on

    Does this make the bad Disk 2's valuable collectibles, like inverted Jenny Airmail stamps?

    1. By Adrian Thompson ( on

      > Does this make the bad Disk 2's valuable collectibles, like inverted Jenny Airmail stamps?

      Nah, I've binned mine already. But you can make a coaster out of it now. CD arrived yesterday, will test it out the weekend.

    2. By Just Another OpenBSD User ( on

      > Does this make the bad Disk 2's valuable collectibles, like inverted Jenny Airmail stamps?

      Of course it does, need you ask it? You're definitely falling off my chart, doobie.

      CVS it: you can get all versions. As for the crystalline, I lock that. You do that and compare after field day.

  2. By Dub ( on

    As a first time buyer (already received the replacement disc), just wanted to let you know that it's not a problem for me at all. Mistakes and misfortune are part of life and you all did a very good job making the best of it. Keep up the great OpenBSD work, that's what counts.

    1. By Just Another OpenBSD User ( on

      Whatever, whenever.

      If you ever asked somebody to do a job for you, probably that picture has faded in your memory and still not noteworthy, but not like the job you first got. You probably would do that again, and that's not the point.

      The OpenBSD developers are producing this fine set of software and done ever so without the need of any mention bar naming their origin. It takes an effort to produce a physical item and it hurts any possible reachability of people who would really need this. I once suffered this stupidity, let me tell you about it.

      This is my personal example. Back in the days, I got a CD with the OpenBSD on it and it would't boot due to some magazine issue contributed problem (the DJ scratched my disk stuff plus ridiculous shrink wrap, nevertheless I kept my attention and actually finally managed to get a complete set of the OpenBSD archives contrary to the censor regime in my country.

      After that moment, it would never matter, the sources are here with us and we do all that it takes that we do what it deserves to make it count for the project. I am poor, and I do all that I can to keep this project forward.

      1. By Just Another OpenBSD User ( on

        This means you keep it Period

  3. By Mike Mallett ( on

    I got my replacement CD2 mixed up with my original and had to determine which was which.

    The two errors I've seen which make an easy indication are that the incorrectly pressed CD2:

    A) Does not boot
    B) Is missing the audio track (song57)

    The missing audio track should be an easy indication of which disc is right / wrong.

    Also, my CD3 does not boot due to this:

    001: INSTALL ISSUE: May 1, 2015 sparc64
    The "miniroot" install method is broken (related to the addition of softraid support). This method is used by the official CD 3 as well, so it fails to boot on sparc64 machines.
    No patch is available for obvious reasons, so use a different install method.

    Any chance of a new sparc CD being pressed, like the amd64 disc, to fix this issue?


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