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BSDNow Episode 089: Exclusive Disjunction

Contributed by tbert on from the W^X called a taxi dept.

On this week's episode of BSDNow, the hosts interview Mike Larkin (mlarkin@) about how he got started in OpenBSD, his recent and upcoming work on W^X, and how that fits into the OpenBSD exploit mitigation ecosystem.

As always, they also have all the news and reviews in the world of all things BSD.

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  1. By Just Another OpenBSD User ( on

    Twist tonguer: "Smack stashing frotector per toh squirneyjuid, roohay!"

    Thanks for the episode to Kris & Allan :-)

    And more so kudos to Mike Larkin for his contributions to OpenBSD and the technical achievements of W^X on i386, and everything else (discussed and/or not mentioned).

    As always, please help testing and report back any issues to help developers spot anything out of order or send in your patches and fixes.


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