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OpenBSD @ AsiaBSDCon: httpd, PIE, and more

Contributed by jj on from the how to make sushi out of puffer fish dept.

Slides from the AsiaBSDCon 2015 presentations are expected to appear on the OpenBSD web site (specifically the Presentations and Papers) page.

The first presentation to appear there was Reyk Floeter's OpenBSD's new httpd (slides), also with a paper version.

Other developers have been quite punctual too, publishing their presentations soon after their sessions at the conference:

Peter Hessler: The results of using BGP for realtime import and export of spam whitelist/blacklist entries
Ted Unangst: Pruning and Polishing: Keeping OpenBSD Modern
Henning Brauer: OpenBSD sucks
Pascal Stumpf: Converting OpenBSD to PIE (slides) plus paper

And finally, the OpenBSD Update from the work in progress session, given by Henning Brauer.

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  1. By jbc ( on

    Thanks! I just learned about AsiaBSDcon yesterday whilst trying to configure my httpd. All the information was just 300kms from me.
    Please tell me Brauer's speech is going to be recorded and uploaded somewhere as judging by the description it has to be pure gold.

  2. By Anonymous Vigilante ( on

    G-ddamnit Henning, you purposely make your slides gigantic for those of us who dont have european fat pipes dont you?.


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