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Errata for X Server Infoleak

Contributed by jj on from the x-window-of-opportunity dept.

As reported by Ted Unangst (tedu@) on tech:

Patches are now available to fix an information leak in the XkbSetGeometry request of X servers. For more information, see the advisory.

We experienced a slight delay getting patches out, as you can see from the date in the patch. This is a comparatively minor issue so we didn't rush things until correctly signed patches were available.

untrusted comment: signature from openbsd 5.6 base private key RWR0EANmo9nqholgu2GQCCaaJuP9HvfU/V5+SgCtPaxbMZfHJRNbbCXzdsIWAL0Dfr9kMeNbiOs21lUgA4Ej3AFsptAdQsB9JQk=

OpenBSD 5.6 errata 16, February 20, 2015:

Information leak in the XkbSetGeometry request of X servers

Olivier Fourdan from Red Hat has discovered a protocol handling issue in the way the X server code base handles the XkbSetGeometry request.

Apply patch using:

    signify -Vep /etc/signify/ -x 016_xserver.patch.sig \
        -m - | (cd /usr/xenocara && patch -p0)

Then build and install a new xserver:

    cd /usr/xenocara/xserver
    make -f Makefile.bsd-wrapper obj
    make -f Makefile.bsd-wrapper build

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