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s2k15 Hackathon Report: krw@ on improvements in dhclient(8), fdisk(8) and more

Contributed by pitrh on from the do dropbears dream of IP addresses dept.

The second s2k15 hackathon reports comes from Ken Westerback (krw@), who writes:

I arrived in Brisbane with Theo in tow and was quickly whisked away by dlg@ to the lovely surroundings of St. Leo's college. The hackroom was across the street and very nice once you got past the giant turkey nest being contructed by a turkey on the sidewalk. Australian birds are weird. The net was especially good. Obviously somebody competent was running it and using a particularly good firewall.

I had plans to work on the long gestating dhclientng, but first I thought I would check my email. Hmmm. What would Matthew want? Support for interface-mtu option in dhclient. Sure. And as an after thought a question about why the file writing privsep code was a tad over-general. Oops. Reyk and I constrained the file writing to be capable of writing only /etc/resolv.conf and the -L leases file. As a bonus the IMSG communications were greatly simplified. And then I added support for interface-mtu so Matthew can have even more fun on Google Compute Engines.

Next I noticed jsg@ complaining his machine would not boot after installing OpenBSD on a GPT-formatted disk. So I hacked fdisk(8) to neuter GPT tables by zeroing out their signatures, if and only if writing an MBR not containing an EFI partition after doing a 'reinit' command. Seemed to work.

I then tweaked and committed a dhclient diff from Claudio that lays the groundwork for much improved support for multiple interfaces on the same network mask. This involved creating routes tied to the interface being managed by the dhclient instance. The routing stack implementation part will take a bit longer. I hope this keeps Bob off my case for a few weeks.

I hacked tcpdump in a horrible manner as requested by dlg@. The less said the better.

I hacked in some fixes to dhcpd that came off the mailing lists. I started to look at the horrifically delicate process of creating snaps after Theo circulated a diff trying to start simplifying the same.

And in the last hours I got to think some more about dhclientng. Which I'm sure I will be able to concentrate on at the next hackathon. Or the one after that. Or ...

There was also beer and convenient college residence food. And nice coffee bar downstairs. All in all an excellent event. Thanks to dlg@, jmatthew@ and friends!

Thanks for the report, Ken! And keep up the good work!

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