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Contributed by jj on from the match-on-ix-rdr-to-henning dept.

After what appears to have been a very successful s2k15 hackathon, two significant thank you themed posts have appeared on OpenBSD mailing lists. The first came on misc@ from longtime user and supporter Diana Eichert, with the subject a thankyou to OpenBSD. Diana writes,

I don't post much any more, my OpenBSD systems "just work".

Just wanted to post a thank you to OpenBSD because it does
"just work".

You can check the entire message and followup thread here.

The second came from Henning Brauer (henning@), writing to tech@, with the subject A thanks to the donors, and a small request. Henning writes,

The OpenBSD foundation has just acquired 4 Dell r210s for my OpenBSD
development setup to replace their aging predecessors from 2007.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank everybody who has donated
to the foundation, you made this possible.

And here's a message to potential donors - you can help complete the setup for optimal development conditions:

To complete the setup, I need at least 2 single and one dual port
10GBaseT ix(4) cards. There is one previously donated on in Australia
that I could use, unfortunately we cannot quite figure out right
now whether it is single or dual - depending on that, I'll need 2
single or 1 single and 1 dual port one on top.

The machines come without the rackmount rails, having them would make
it considerably easier for me - for regular 4-post racks.

Henning also notes that for most efficient use of everybody's time, it would be best if the equipment 'just shows up'. You can read the rest of the message here.

If you can help make this happen, please dive in!

For other equipment requests, make sure to check the Hardware Wanted page, or go to the Donations page.

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