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My First OpenBSD Port

Contributed by jj on from the left-my-cookies-in-the-otter-browser dept.

Adam Wołk shares his experiences in porting the Otter web browser to OpenBSD:

[My first OpenBSD port] has just landed in the ports tree. It's been a fun ride, this post is a summary of the whole process from the perspective of a first time contributor. Note that this is not a tutorial, just my personal experiences of getting my first port accepted to the tree.

The article is a good overview of getting involved in the porting process; if you've ever been interested in how the process works, take a look!

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  1. By sthen (2001:4b10:1002:cc01:230:48ff:fe58:8640) on

    Adam's earlier post,, is a nice read too.


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