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OpenNTPD 5.7p1 Released

Contributed by tbert on from the this-time-it's-personal dept.

Brent Cook (bcook@), still flush from success in creating the portable version of LibreSSL, has turned his hand to to OpenNTPD:

After a long hiatus, the latest version of OpenNTPD is available once again in a portable release.

  • Support for a new build infrastructure based on the LibreSSL framework. Source code is integrated directly from the OpenBSD tree with few manual changes, easing maintenance.
  • Removed support for several OSes pending test reports and updated portability code.
  • Supports the Simple Network Time Protocol version 4 as described in RFC 5905
  • Added route virtualization (rdomain) support.
  • Added ntpctl(8), which allows for querying ntpd(8) at runtime.
  • Finer-grained clock adjustment via adjfreq / ntp_adjtime where available.
  • Improved latency on heavily-loaded machines.

Hopefully those who've repackaged the previous releases for their OSes will update in due course.

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  1. By Noryungi (noryungi) on

    All my thanks to Brent Cook!

    A portable LibreSSL and a portable OpenNTPD are two very important pieces of software for those of us who have to use Linux and other less-secure operating systems.


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