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Dissecting OpenBSD's divert(4) Part 1: Introduction

Contributed by tbert on from the divert-all-power-to-the-shields dept.

Lawrence Teo (lteo@) has published the first in a series of posts about OpenBSD's divert(4) functionality:

For more than four years I have been using and tinkering with OpenBSDís divert(4). At one point after OpenBSD 4.9 was released, I ran into an annoying bug in divert(4) that totally prevented me from using it. At the time I had no idea how to fix it, so I did the next best thing by filing a detailed bug report.

Eventually I realized that the bug isnít going to fix itself, so I decided it was time to roll up my sleeves and wade into the code. So after 2.5 years of on-and-off tinkering and staring at the code and head-scratching and facedesking I finally fixed it, thanks to a ton of help from Bret Lambert (blambert@). The problem turned out to be due to checksums, which is another interesting topic but thatís a story for another day.

Mr. Teo promises more on the subject soon, so read the whole thing, and keep slavering for more!

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  1. By Peter J. Philipp (pjp) on

    I have written bug reports before for divert(4) I think, the problem was fixed. Thanks to all those that continue to make divert(4) better as playing with a mitm mechanism, I argue, is educational and prevents stuff like connecting two tun(4)'s together. Thanks.


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