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How to celebrate the arrival of PF tutorial visitor #100,000?

Contributed by weerd on from the norsk-tutors dept.

Peter Hansteen writes in with a question for our readers:

As Undeadly readers may be aware, I've been maintaining a PF tutorial for a few years, and the tea leaves (and apache logs) tell me that in the near future my unique visitor number 100,000 will turn up.

My question is, what would be an appropriate way to celebrate the event? The tutorial has morphed into The Book of PF, so an obvious prize possibility exists, but I would welcome suggestions from Undeadly readers.

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  1. By brynet (Brynet) on

    A pizza, everyone loves pizza..

    1. By Steve Shockley (steve.shockley) on

      Beer. Everyone loves beer.

      1. By Daniel Cizinsky (d.c.) on

        > Beer. Everyone loves beer.

        Although a hint in PF changes is welcome, I liked the best "The Pledge of the Network Admin". I want it in bright letters on a black t-shirt. ;-)

  2. By Wesley MOUEDINE ASSABY (wesley974) on

    Why not write an update of a new book speaking about OpenBSD Administration, for example the best of PALMER And NAZARIO : Secure Architectures With OpenBSD ?

  3. By Bruno Taranto Alvim (btaranto) on

    Put our names in the README file! Not only 100.000 visitor! All 100.00 visitors! yeah!

  4. By ( on

    A friend and I were talking today and I mentioned that a potential useful way to "Identify" the 100,000 Visitor ... could be by displaying a form with a video (or a Photo with text and / or audio) of Peter Congratulating to them on being the 100,000 th. Since locating the actual visitor would be "difficult" ... since neighbors are sometimes on their friends wireless ... also people visiting Internet Cafes, etc. Note: If for some reason the "real" Visitor did not fill out the form, then one could decrement the count by one and then present it to the next Visitor.

    The Thought (for the Video ... or photo could read) ... Something like:

    "Hi this is: Peter. You are the 100,000 Visitor to the PF FAQ ... Feel free to fill out this form (this is a "safe" form ... over https and your information will be used diligently)." "By filling out this form, you are claiming the prize of ____ ... If you do not wish to fill out the form, the count will decrement by one and the prize will be offered to the next visitor. Thanks for stopping by."

    If a video (or photo with and audio link) ... and Peter uses a TV / Radio announcer voice with it, it would be fun(ny).

    Just a thought.

    1. By phessler (phessler) on

      > . could be by displaying a form with a video (or a Photo with text and / or audio) of Peter Congratulating to them on being the 100,000 th.

      You are our 100,000th visitor, shock the monkey to claim your prize!

  5. By Peter N. M. Hansteen (pitrh) on

    My hourly statistics script tells me unique visitor #100,000 showed some time between 08:05 and 09:05 CEST this morning, details to follow later.

    - P


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