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BSDTalk #180 - OpenBSD Enthusiast Girish Venkatachalam

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Regarding episode #180 of Will Backman's BSDTalk series, Luke Seubert writes in:

BSDTalk #180 features an interview with Girish Venkatachalam from Chennai, in the Tamil Nadu state of India.

Through his interest in cryptography, Girish first tried OpenBSD in 2003, and has been using it consistently for the past four years. Tasked by his employer to develop IPSec for a router, he examined Linux and FreeBSD, but did not care for the quality of their code. Girish then reviewed the IPSec code in OpenBSD, and used it in the router project thanks to its clean, elegant style and technical excellence, as well as its license. He also found the minimalism and simplicity of the code particularly key, as it was better suited to less-powerful hardware.

Girish contributes to the community in several ways. He actively maintains twenty ports at present (such as randtype, multimux, and others), and occasionally submits code. His first ever free software code submission was a three line patch fixing a memory leak in OpenBSD's IPSec implementation. Girish has written a variety of articles, and makes presentations to local Linux and free software groups about OpenBSD. Through such advocacy, he hopes to see more developers from India contribute code to the project. He also runs the LiveUSB-OpenBSD project, which offers various bootable USB images.

In addition to these efforts, Girish earns a living through his company which sells OpenBSD-based hardware to local clients in India. Another one of his company's offerings is a live CD called SpamCheetah, which uses spamd, pf, and other tools to protect mail servers from spam.

File info: 25 min, 12MB. Available in mp3 or Ogg Vorbis formats.

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