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The -stable Ports Tree for 4.6

Contributed by maxime on from the porting-the-future dept.

William Yodlowsky (william@) announced on the announce@ mailing list that the OpenBSD project will shortly be providing -stable updates for the 4.6 ports tree:

From: William Yodlowsky 
Subject: 4.6-stable ports
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 23:05:37 -0400

We are happy to announce that 4.6-stable ports will soon be receiving 
security updates and fixes.

Please note that this also marks the end of updates to 4.5-stable 
ports, as we are supporting the presently-available release only.

Thanks, William, for your work on -stable ports!

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  1. By Richard Toohey (richardtoohey) on

    Excellent news, thank you!

    What can we do to help?

  2. By han (grincheux) on

    My lord, It's christmas time !
    I hoped such news for a while, thanks very much, guys.

    lately, I was a bit disapointed when I read that the sell of cds had plunged, as far as I know OpenBSD( from my end-user and desktop user point of view), this release is likely the best one you've done since the 3.9 release, my first contact.
    Regarding the ports, the next step might be to provide your (beloved) supporters with meta-packages.

  3. By Brynet (Brynet) on

    William also stated in email (..which never made it to the lists) that stable packages will also reappear again on a few architectures.

    This is really good news. :-)

    1. By Nima Hoda (Nima) on

      > stable packages will also reappear again on a few architectures.
      > This is really good news. :-)

      Yes it is!

      Is there a way to find out which mirrors will carry updated packages?

  4. By Anonymous Coward (templeto) on



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