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New Ports of The Week (October 12)

Contributed by maxime on from the hackathon-tracking dept.

There were 23 new ports for the week of October 5 to October 11:


Some ports had updates that users should be aware of; 2 ports were removed.

New ports, listed in the order they were committed to the tree:

  • devel/p5-aliased
    • aliased is simple in concept but is a rather handy module. It loads the class you specify and exports into your namespace a subroutine that returns the class name. You can explicitly alias the class to another name or, if you prefer, you can do so implicitly. In the latter case, the name of the subroutine is the last part of the class name.
  • devel/p5-Params-Coerce
    • The Params::Coerce module allows your classes to do coercion of parameters.
  • devel/p5-SUPER
    • This module provides three different ways to control superclass method dispatch.
  • audio/p5-Audio-Scan
    • Audio::Scan is a C-based scanner for audio file metadata and tag information. It currently supports MP3 via an included version of libid3tag, MP4, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC (if libFLAC is installed), ASF, WAV, AIFF, Musepack, and Monkey's Audio.
  • productivity/rubrica2
    • Rubrica is an addressbook manager for the GNOME Environment. It allows you to add personal data (name, surname, address, etc.), web links, irc and email addresses, telephone numbers, job information (company where contact works, company infos, contact's assigment, etc.) and notes. Rubrica can import/export addressbooks from/to GnomeCard, KAddressbook, Evolution, Csv file format, and an export addressboks to HTML and text format.
  • www/cntlm
    • Cntlm is an http proxy server, written in pure C, that allows you to authenticate via the proprietary NTLM protocol, so you can use web sites and web proxies that require NTLM/NTLMv2 authorization.
  • net/papyon
    • Papyon is the library behind the msn connection manager: telepathy-butterfly. It is a fork of the unmaintained pymsn MSN library. Papyon uses the glib mainloop to process the network events in an asynchronous manner.
  • www/blogsum
    • Blogsum is a weblog application with a focus on simplicity and security. It was designed from scratch to be easy to use and easier to maintain.
  • games/lostpixels
    • You are Agent Kate, one of the agents of the secret BlinkenArea special forces, also called the "BlinkenSisters". You have just been assigned to the following mission: an accident in the secret high-energy BlinkenArea lab has transfered irreplaceable self-powered pixel hardware to various, random locations in another dimension. Your goal, Agent Kate, is to locate that hardware. We have fitted you with an automated scanner/transmitter that will automatically transfer the pixels back to the lab when you're close to it. Beware that in dimension B15, while beeing still on earth, the scale of things will differ from what you expect. Also, B15 is known to be home to strange creatures that may pose a threat to you. As soon as you have collected all pieces of hardware in one location, you can be transfered to the next location.
      Good luck, Agent Kate!
  • devel/p5-AutoXS-Header
    • This module is a simple container for the AutoXS header file.
  • devel/p5-Class-XSAccessor
      Class::XSAccessor implements fast read, write and read/write accessors in XS. Additionally, it can provide predicates such as has_foo() for testing whether the attribute foo is defined in the object. It only works with objects that are implemented as ordinary hashes. Class::XSAccessor::Array implements the same interface for objects that use arrays for their internal representation.
  • devel/rsvndump
    • rsvndump is a command line tool that is able to dump a subversion repository that resides on a remote server. All data is dumped in the format that can be read/written by svnadmin, so the data produced by rsvndump can easily be imported into a new subversion repository.
  • www/drupal6/draft
    • draft uses AJAX and serialization to store in-progress documents, so that they're always saved. Note that you must enable "save as draft" for each content-type for which you want the feature. Users will be able to access their drafts through draft/list. That should be added to a reasonable menu as well.
  • devel/openmpi
    • The Open MPI Project is an open source MPI-2 implementation that is developed and maintained by a consortium of academic, research, and industry partners. Open MPI is therefore able to combine the expertise, technologies, and resources from all across the High Performance Computing community in order to build the best MPI library available. Open MPI offers advantages for system and software vendors, application developers and computer science researchers.
      Features implemented or in short-term development for Open MPI:
      • Full MPI-2 standards conformance
      • Thread safety and concurrency
      • Dynamic process spawning
      • Network and process fault tolerance
      • Support network heterogeneity
      • Single library supports all networks
      • Run-time instrumentation
      • Many job schedulers supported
      • Many OS's supported (32 and 64 bit)
      • Production quality software
      • High performance on all platforms
      • Portable and maintainable
      • Tunable by installers and end-users
      • Component-based design, documented APIs
      • Active, responsive mailing list
      • Open source license based on the BSD license
  • education/verbiste
    • This package contains a database of French conjugation templates and a list of more than 7000 regular and irregular French verbs with their corresponding template. One can obtain the complete conjugation for a verb from its infinitive form, and obtain the mode, tense and person from a conjugated verb.
  • graphics/jbig2dec
    • jbig2dec is a decoder library and example utility implementing the JBIG2 bi-level image compression spec. Also known as ITU T.88 and ISO IEC 14492, and now included by reference in Adobe's PDF 1.4.
  • net/librest
    • librest is a library that has been designed to make it easier to access web services that claim to be "RESTful". However a reasonable description is that a RESTful service should have urls that represent remote objects which methods can then be called on. However it should be noted that the majority of services don't actually adhere to this strict definition. Instead their RESTful end-point usually has an API that is just simpler to use compared to other types of APIs they may support (XML-RPC, for instance.). It is this kind of API that this library is attempting to support. It comprises of two parts: the first aims to make it easier to make requests by providing a wrapper around libsoup, the second aids with XML parsing by wrapping libxml2.
  • devel/ethos
    • Ethos is a library that provides a consistent plugin interface for application extenders to target. The more applications that use ethos for plugins, the faster the community can expand to provide new features to new projects. The core ethos library, libethos-1.0, only links against libgobject so that it is safe to use in GUI-less applications. The GTK+ library, libethos-ui-1.0, provides widgets that can be embedded within your application to manage plugins during run-time.
  • games/eboboo
  • games/egoboo
    • Egoboo is a dungeon-crawling action-RPG adventure. It has a unique mood, and is a lot of fun to play. In Egoboo, you will find heaps of loot, kill hordes of monsters, and discover many unusual places on your quest to save Lord Bishop from his imminent doom!
  • audio/cmixer
    • CMixer is a simple Curses-based mixer written for OpenBSD.
  • games/jbrickshooter
    • jbrickshooter is a game where the game field is a square of a hundred cells. The game starts with some colored bricks arranged randomly in the field. Empty cells are black. Each side of the field has three layers of bricks. Any brick that can move will show an arrow when the mouse is over it. Clicking the mouse starts the brick moving through the field in the direction of its arrow. When the brick hits another brick it stops.
  • x11/gnome/eog-plugins/
    • This package provides a bunch of additional plug-ins for Eye Of GNOME.
  • games/snipe2d
    • Orbital Eunuchs Sniper is an overhead shooting game. You (the Eunuch on the orbital laser platform) are tasked with protecting the VIPs (blue) from the terrorists (red)!

Updated ports that users should be aware of:

  • devel:
    • devel/libsoup, from libsoup-2.26.3 to libsoup-2.28.0.
      This update is needed for newer webkit/gnome/etc...
    • devel/jdk/1.7, from build 59 to build 72.
    • devel/glib2, from glib2-2.22.1 to glib2-2.22.2.
  • editors:
  • lang:
  • mail:
  • misc:
  • net:
  • security:
  • www:
  • x11:
    • As said in the first commit of a long series, the whole x11/gnome/ is on its way to be upgraded from 2.24 to 2.28.0.
    • x11/gtk+2, from 2.18.1 to 2.18.2.
      Bugfix update; some translations were also updated.
    • x11/sawfish, from sawfish-1.3.3 to sawfish-1.5.2.
      Note: For people upgrading from sawfish 1.3.3 or older, you will have to manually migrate your existing configuration:
      $ mv ~/.sawmillrc ~/.sawfishrc
      If you configuration file contains the line:
      (require 'sawmill-defaults)
      please change it to:
      (require 'sawfish-defaults)
      And restart sawfish.
    • x11/qt4, from qt4-4.5.2 to qt4-4.5.3.
    • x11/dwm, from dwm-5.6.1 to dwm-5.7.2.
    • x11/mplayer, from mplayer-1.0rc2 to mplayer-20090708.
      New version of mplayer based upon a snapshot (2009/07/08).
      • Fixes some flv playback
      • Removed ggi output - broken i386/sparc64.
      • Removed gui (deprecated) - use gnome-mplayer instead.
      • Removed win32 codecs - opensource codecs are good quality.

Removed ports:

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