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Ports Hackathon p2k9 in Budapest, Hungary

Contributed by weerd on from the porting-at-the-danube dept.

Robert Nagy (robert@) wrote a quick note to the ports@ and tech@ mailing lists about the p2k9 hackathon that is currently in progress:

From: Robert Nagy 
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 2009 16:56:00 +0200
Subject: Thank you for making p2k9 possible!


p2k9 (the ports hackathon in Budapest) is on since Friday. People
are working on different things like GNOME, GCC4, BluRay support or
even ACPI.

I would like to thank everyone who donated money to the project because
the individual donors made it possible to organize this event.
So ... BIG THANKS GOES TO OUR USERS, to people supporting the project
even at these times.

I'd also like to thank NIIF and Sun Microsystems Hungary for lending
us a nice hackroom and hardware for the hackathon.

The results of the hackathon can already be seen by the massive amount of commits to the ports tree of the last few days. Events like these developers get together to work on parts of the tree together really help to make lots of progress in a short amount of time. So, thanks to all those guys in Budapest who are working hard to get us those easily installable third party software packages !

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  1. By Simon (Simon_) on

    I love hackathons, getting flooded with commit mails just rocks :-)

  2. By Stu (Stu) on

    Any chance of an updated cmake port? Not like I'm begging or anything ... (well, maybe a bit :)

    1. By Paul Irofti (bulibuta) on gopher://

      > Any chance of an updated cmake port? Not like I'm begging or anything ... (well, maybe a bit :)

      Afaik some of the guys here are looking into it.


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