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OpenSSH celebrates 10th anniversary with release of 5.3

Contributed by weerd on from the 10-years-of-security dept.

On October 1st, Damien Miller posted an announcement to the mailing list, informing the world about the release of OpenSSH 5.3. This marks the 10th anniversary of OpenSSH, one of the most widely used software packages around.

OpenSSH has come a long way since the fork of the once free ssh distribution. Today, it is the pillar of remote management everywhere. It is often used for secure file transfer, tunneling X11 clients and generic TCP sessions. OpenSSH is found in just about every OS out there (and if it's not in yours by default, chances are good you can install the portable version) and is even used on a variety of network devices such as routers, switches and load-balancers.

It's safe to say that millions rely on the security and confidentiality provided by this ubiquitous piece of software. It is a great example of high quality open source code. Please celebrate the 10 year anniversary by showing your appreciation with a donation to the project producing this excellent piece of software that is undoubtedly also part of the infrastructure at your company.

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  1. By Nick Rivera (nrivera) on

    Announcement link doesn't work.

  2. By Renaud Allard (renaud) on

    Any idea why doesn't show the installation instructions for openssh 5.3 on openbsd 4.5?

  3. By anoncomment (anoncomment) on

    Grats and thanks you for all your hard work over the years... It is MUCH appreciated

    On a side note, what has happen to the anonymous commenting?


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