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Security in Your Pocket: OpenBSD on ARM

Contributed by weerd on from the ARMed-and-dangerous dept.

There's a nice article over on InformIT about OpenBSD on ARM devices. The author interviewed Dale Rahn (drahn@) and they talk about the history of the porting OpenBSD to ARM based hardware, the reasons for using BSD licensed code and some of the challenges faced in porting OpenBSD to this architecture and some of the devices that use it.

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  1. By Brynet (Brynet) on

    That was indeed a nice article, it would be great to see more embedded devices running OpenBSD.

    It was exciting to hear that OpenBSD was being ported to a phone! :-)

    Anyone else notice the new platform recently?

    Cool stuff.

    1. By Lawrence Teo (lteo) on

      > Anyone else notice the new platform recently?
      > Cool stuff.

      Definitely.. I have an old Palm T|X that I can't wait to put OpenBSD on! Just need to remember where I kept it.. :P

  2. By Magnus (magnus) on

    Would love to see this platform blossom. I was thinking it might be nice to have a very simple computer hidden under the seat of my motorbike for some simple tasks, and an x86 system would be overkill.


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