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Call for testers - improving ACPI

Contributed by johan on from the witty-phrase-goes-here dept.

ACPI hacker Jordan Hargrave (jordan@) is asking for tests of a diff which aims at improving the ACPI support in OpenBSD.

Or in the words of Jordan:

This diff will detect the PCI mapping for devices in the ACPI tree.
Please send dmesg's and output from acpidump (acpidump -o ).


More specifically, this just returns the PCI device that 'owns' that ACPI
device.  Somewhat like uhci0 is 'owned' by pci0, etc.

Please find the diff here and as Jordan mentions, when you are running with this, please do submit your acpidump -o output to jordan@ and marco@.

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  1. By Gonzalo Nemmi (gnemmi) on

    Guys, I sent you both an e-mail (a week or so ago) to let you know that I'm willing to do everything within my reach to pitch in and help out (including ssh root access).

    As of today, I have a dell 1318 (I sent you the 4.5 dmesg on the mail: anyways, you can find my "dmesg -v" on FBSD 7.2 in here: , and my iasl "gonzalo-Dell1318.asl" on the same machine and BSD in here: and I can get my hands on a couple of other notebooks and motherboards should the need to do so arise.

    I've tried looking for your original mail in order to find out what version of OpenBSD I should be running in order to provide you with the info you are asking for (my bet is -CURRENT) and how to apply your .diff to the source, but so far I haven't been able to find it.

    Please, in case you are interested, please get in touch with me and I'll do as you ask me.

    Best Regards and hope I can help you out.
    Hope to hear from you soon :)

    Gonzalo Nemmi


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