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Heads up! suffered a server failure - needs help

Contributed by johan on from the HALP!-Iz-problem! dept.

Update (Wed Sep 9 09:18:00 CEST 2009): Thanks to user akl for telling us that the problem seems to have been taken care of and has got what they need.

User Brynet sent a mail to tell us about the site having major problems. They have put up a distress call on their frontpage.

Brynet wrote:

The front page at now has the following message:

"The server that was doing the updates is dead, thats why there is no updates. We don't have a replacement at the moment.

Perhaps undeadly readers might be able to help them out? I've always found the service useful, getting an email report for security updates is a very desirable feature." As a community, maybe we should show some gratitude for them offering the service at no charge.

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  1. By Noryungi (noryungi) on

    Should we start a funding drive or just appeal for hardware donations?

    Maybe could give us some information on the type of hardware they need (CPU and disk space) so we have a better idea of the replacement that needs to be funded and/or donated.

    I am willing to pitch in some Euros.

  2. By Janne Johansson (jj) on .

    I've offered to host it.

  3. By akl (akl) on

    from the top of front page: "The problem is solved, thanks to everyone that contacted us!"


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