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Heads Up: PostgreSQL upgraded to 8.4.0

Contributed by jason on from the another-day-another-dump dept.

Pierre-Emmanuel André (pea@) recently committed an update to databases/postgresql. This updates the port from PostgreSQL version 8.3.7 to 8.4.0. Administrators are required to perform a dump/restore to migrate to this new release.

More information is available online:

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  1. By Venture37 (venture37) on

    On a side note, Dan Langille has posted video of talks from this years PGCon to FOSSLC, you can get to the videos via the links section of each talk from or visit:

    beware, the site is flash based!!!

    A guide to PostgreSQL 8.4:

  2. By Dan Colish (dcolish) on

    FYI, you don't actually have to do the dump/restore garbage. pg_migrator allows you migrate the data from one database version to the new one in much less time than would be required for a normal dump/restore. Obviously, its only worth using if you have a lot of data. Anyway, its considered fairly stable now, so if you have an opportunity give it a shot.


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