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Contributed by weerd on from the successful-failures dept.

On the ENORL blog, Stathis writes about how OpenBSD is "the only that succeeds to fail". The title may seem a bit misleading, but his article nicely demonstrates how sometimes the status quo can be improved upon. Again we see that OpenBSD takes things just a little bit further than the others.

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  1. By Jordi Beltran Creix (jbcreix) on

    So what does one gain by knowing another process' GID?

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      If you are so wise as to mod people down, I guess you know the answer. Enlighten us mortals.
      AFAICT there is nothing to be gained. Even implementations that allow getpgid won't allow setpgid to process groups outside of the current session.
      I am sure the malware running on your boxes has better things to do.


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