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New Ports of The Week (May 18)

Contributed by maxime on from the Human Resources dept.

There were 10 new ports for the week of May 11 to May 17:


Some ports had updates that users should be aware of; no port was removed.

New ports, listed in the order they were committed to the tree:

  • converters/libpst
    • libpst is a set of tools for converting Outlook .pst files to Unix mbox and other formats. It can convert both 32-bit Outlook files (pre-2003), and the 64-bit Outlook 2003 .pst files. Utilities are supplied to convert email messages to both mbox and MH mailbox formats, and to DII load file format for use with many of the CT Summation products. Contacts can be converted to a simple list, to vcard format, or to .ldif format for import to an LDAP server.
  • textproc/fcbanner
    • fcbanner is a variant on the banner program that uses fontconfig and freetype to draw its characters. Thus, it can easily draw using various fonts - any font you can get in Gnome or Mozilla for example - and handles non-ASCII characters if they are present in the font.
  • devel/libvstr
    • Vstr is a string library designed for network communication. Its design uses blocks of ptr+length data, so adding, substituting, and deleting data are all fast operations. It has a full API of all the usual string tasks: searching, comparing, splitting, substitution, converting between upper and lower case, and parsing numbers and strings. Has a full POSIX and ISO 9899:1999 compliant printf() implementation including gcc warning compatible custom formatters.
  • devel/p5-Hash-Util-FieldHash-Compat
    • Under older perls this module provides a drop in compatible api to Hash::Util::FieldHash using perltie. When Hash::Util::FieldHash is available it will use that instead. This way code requiring field hashes can benefit from fast, robust field hashes on Perl 5.10 and newer, but still run on older perls that don't ship with that module.
  • devel/p5-MooseX-Clone
    • Out of the box Moose only provides very barebones cloning support in order to maximize flexibility. This role provides a clone method that makes use of the low level cloning support already in Moose and adds selective deep cloning based on introspection on top of that. Attributes with the Clone trait will handle cloning of data within the object, typically delegating to the attribute value's own clone method.
  • www/p5-MojoX-Session
    • MojoX::Session is a session management for Mojo. Based on CGI::Session and HTTP::Session but without any dependencies except the core ones.
  • textproc/p5-MojoX-Renderer-TT
    • This module implements a Template Toolkit based renderer for Mojo.
  • net/p5-Bot-BasicBot
    • Basic bot system designed to make it easy to do simple bots, optionally forking longer processes (like searches) concurrently in the background.
  • misc/p5-File-MMagic-XS
    • This is a port of Apache2 mod_mime_magic.c in Perl, written in XS with the aim of being efficient and fast especially for applications that need to be run for an extended amount of time.
  • x11/gnome/nautilus-open-terminal
    • Nautilus extension which allows you to open a terminal in arbitrary local folders.

Updated ports that users should be aware of:

  • audio:
    • audio/libsndfile, from libsndfile-1.0.19 to libsndfile-1.0.20.
      Security update that fixes a potential heap overflow in VOC file parser.
  • devel:
  • geo:
  • mail:
  • net:
    • net/quagga, from quagga-0.99.11 to quagga-0.99.12.
    • net/rsync, from rsync-3.0.5 to rsync-3.0.6.
    • net/samba, from samba-3.0.33 to samba-3.0.34.
  • security:
    • security/gnutls, from gnutls-2.6.5 to gnutls-2.6.6.
    • security/cyrus-sasl2, from cyrus-sasl-2.1.22 to cyrus-sasl-2.1.23.
      Security update: fixed CERT VU#238019 (in lib/saslutil.c, make sure sasl_encode64() always NUL terminates output or returns SASL_BUFOVER).
  • www:
    • www/apache-httpd: suexec for apache2 is now enabled, with these config changes:
      • install the binary under ${TRUEPREFIX}/sbin/suexec2;
      • change suexec-caller to _apache2;
      • log to /var/log/suexec2_log similar to the suexec in base.
    • www/drupal5, from drupal-5.16 to drupal-5.18.
      Security update that fixes an XSS issue.
    • www/drupal6, from drupal-6.10 to drupal-6.12.
      Security update that fixes an XSS issue.

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