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New Ports of The Week (March 23)

Contributed by maxime on from the ui-gui dept.

There were 20 new ports for the week of March 16 to March 22:


Some ports had updates that users should be aware of. Three ports were removed.

New ports, listed in the order they were committed to the tree:

  • x11/gnome-mplayer
    • GNOME MPlayer is a simple GUI for MPlayer. It has a rich API that is exposed via DBus. It is not highly dependent on the GNOME libraries, but its look and feel is based on the GNOME HIG.
      The player can be used to play media on websites when used with Gecko Mediaplayer.
  • www/gecko-mediaplayer
    • Gecko Media Player is a browser plugin that uses GNOME MPlayer to play media in a browser. It should work with all browsers on Unix-like systems that use the NS4 API (Seamonkey, Firefox, Epiphany, etc.).
  • www/spawn-fcgi
  • x11/wmname
    • wmname prints/sets the window manager name property of the root window similar to how hostname(1) behaves.
      It is a nice utility to fix problems with JDK versions and other broken programs assuming a reparenting window manager for instance.
  • databases/apache-couchdb
    • CouchDB is a distributed, document-oriented, Non-Relational DataBase Management Server (NRDBMS).
      It is accessible via a RESTful JSON API, and provides incremental replication with bi-directional conflict detection and management. Data is stored with a schema-free, flat address space, and may be queried via a table-oriented reporting engine that uses Javascript as a query language.
  • print/splix
    • SpliX is a set of CUPS printer drivers for SPL (Samsung Printer Language) printers. This driver is usable by all printer devices which understand the QPDL (Quick Page Description Language) language. It covers several Samsung, Xerox, Dell and Ricoh printers.
  • emulators/sdlmame
    • MAME stands for Multi Arcade Machine Emulator. As the name suggests, it is a program that emulates the hardware (and low-level firmware) of a massive variety of arcade machines.
      SDLMAME is a port of MAME using the SDL library.
  • emulators/sdlmess
    • MESS stands for Multi Emulator Super System. It is an emulator for the hardware of many different games consoles (e.g. Sega, NES, SNES, etc.) as well as many different old games-oriented home computers (e.g. C64, C128, ZX80, etc.).
      SDLMESS is a port of MESS using the SDL library.
  • devel/tklib
    • tklib is a collection of pure-Tcl utility modules and widgets for Tk that provide a wide variety of functionality. The intent is to collect commonly used functions into a single library, which users can rely on to be available and stable.
  • mail/p5-Email-Filter
    • Email-Filter is a library for creating easy email filters. It's the successor to the Mail::Audit module from the same author and allows you to write programs describing how your mail should be filtered.
  • roadfighter
  • games/roadfighter
    • roadfighter is a remake of the original Road Fighter game from Konami in 1985.
      In Road Fighter you drive a car in a death race between you and a group of mad drivers. Your aim? To reach the end of the checkpoint before you run out of fuel. Sounds easy? Far from it, there's a lot of obstacles between your car and the checkpoints!
  • www/cms-ms
    • CMS Made Simple is an easy to use content management system for simple stable content sites.
  • f1spirit
  • games/f1spirit
    • f1spirit is a remake of Konami's F1-Spirit from 1987.
      F-1 Spirit is a racing game. You will race with many different types of cars, starting by Stock or Rally cars, and finishing by driving F1 cars (once you have classified for it by passing for F3, F3000 and Endurance cars).
  • databases/pear-DB_DataObject
    • DataObject performs 2 tasks:
      • Builds SQL statements based on the objects vars and the builder methods.
      • Acts as a datastore for a table row.
      The core class is designed to be extended for each of your tables so that you put the data logic inside the data classes. Included is a Generator to make your configuration files and your base classes.
  • www/ruby-rest-client
    • REST Client is a simple REST client for Ruby, inspired by the Sinatra microframework style of specifying actions: get, put, post, delete.
  • graphics/freeimage
    • FreeImage is an Open Source library project for developers who would like to support popular graphics image formats like PNG, BMP, JPEG, TIFF and others as needed by today's multimedia applications.
      FreeImage is easy to use, fast, multithreading safe, compatible with all 32-bit versions of Windows, and cross-platform (works both with Linux and Mac OS X).
  • devel/py-dtopt
    • dtopt adds options to doctest examples while they are running.
  • www/py-tempita
    • Tempita is a small templating language for text substitution.
  • www/py-meld3
    • meld3 is an HTML/XML templating system for Python 2.3+ which keeps template markup and dynamic rendering logic separate from one another.
  • devel/py-pyprof2calltree
    • pyprof2calltree is a script to help visualize profiling data collected with the cProfile python module with the kcachegrind (screenshots) graphical calltree analyser.

Updated ports that users should be aware of:

Removed ports:

  • graphics/gtksee
    This old and unmaintained port was using a legacy toolkit (gtk+1), and there are enough applications around that do the same, but with the modern gtk+2 toolkit (like gqview for example).
  • devel/jdk/1.3 and 1.4 have been removed as per plan made last June.

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    You can have a pleasant YouTube experience using gecko-mediaplayer and this[1] greasemonkey script.




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