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Contributed by jason on from the marco-pooped-the-light-twitterific dept.

Dru Lavigne writes in atwitter with Web 3.0 news:

A twitter account @bsdevents has been created which is meant to be a one-stop-shop for all BSD-related events such as BSD conferences, events where there will be a BSD booth or presentation, BSD user group meetings (including UUGs and LUGs with BSD representation), BSD training, discussion on events needing a BSD booth, booth buddies, or swag, and links to promotional material regarding BSD.

For those who prefer RSS to twitter, the feed is here.

I'm also experimenting with which allows for multiple editors on one twitter account. Ping me if you'd like editor status in order to help keep @bsdevents populated with upcoming global BSD events or if you're aware of an upcoming event that isn't listed.

Editor's Note: I'm not a huge fan of twitter, but it was helpful for disseminating updates during DCBSDCon 2009. This might be useful until OpenBSD's own facebookd(8) is ready for production use.

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    John Cleese does it, too:

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    1. By jason (jason) on

      As always, the OpenBSD Journal appreciates your feedback. Even feedback as useless as this. If you'd like to make Undeadly better, please submit your un-lame articles and we'll do our best to mangle them into a digestable format.

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      > lame


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    facebookd(8) ?

    1. By Pierre Riteau ( on

      > facebookd(8) ?


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        > > facebookd(8) ?
        > humor(7)

        Ah, thought so

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          > > humor(7)
          > Ah, thought so

          Clearly not.

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    wouldn't be more appropriate?


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