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LSM 2009 : Call for presentation

Contributed by mitja on from the oh-la-la dept.

GwenaŽlle Berthelo writes in:

The 10th edition of the Libre Software Meeting will take place in Nantes, France, from July 7th to 11th, 2009. This edition focuses on migration and solutions to finally adopt free software.

Main call for presentation concerning the 17 topics of this edition is now on-line, and so are the calls for each topic.

The 17 topics are: Free art and culture; Community; Games; Administration and Public policies-Local government; Company; Social and solidarity economy; Education; Publication and Knowledge Sharing; Internet and communication; Infography and printing; Accessibility and handicap; Health; Libre resources and software for scientific research; Systems and Security; Telephony, videoconference and video over IP; Embedded systems and open hardware; Development.

If you wish to propose conferences and workshops, have a look at each call or send a mail to the schedule directors: GwenaŽlle Berthelo, Nicolas Ducoulombier and Jean-Michel Boulet.

Do not hesitate! Everyone can bring their knowledge and experience.

Don't let the call for papers go unanswered! For those who are interested in visting this conference - as every year, there will also be an OpenBSD and OpenSSH booth.

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    Wish they had something like this in Montreal...


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