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Call For Donations - SCSI drives for ips(4) development

Contributed by jason on from the is-that-a-drive-in-your-pocket-or-are-you-just-happy-to-see-me dept.

Alexander Yurchenko (grange@) updated want.html with a request for SCSI drives. He wants to finish up the ips(4) driver but needs your help. Please email him directly if you have any 68-pin SCSI drives to donate.

Update: Alexander has received enough responses to satisfy his requirements. Thanks to everyone who donated!

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All my old scsi drives seem to be dead and i could definitely use some
working drives to finally finish the ips(4) driver.

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  1. By grange ( grange@ on

    i've got enough responses.

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      > i've got enough responses.

      Wow, that was quick.

      1. By wim wauters (unisoftdesign) on

        > > i've got enough responses.
        > Wow, that was quick.

        Too quick for me too :-)

        I'll prepare a stocklist, ready for next the time this come up.


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