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Software RAID on OpenBSD

Contributed by merdely on from the rf_openbsdkintf.c dept.

Siju Oommen George writes about some of his experiences with RAIDFRAME:

Some time earlier I was finding it difficult to get Software RAID [using RAIDFRAME] setup on OpenBSD with just the man pages [raidctl(8)], mailing list archives and few tutorials on the Internet. The concept of boot partition being different from the root partition appeared a bit confusing in the beginning. Then Vijay Shanker gave me this step by step guide which he posted to misc@.

More details below...

Siju posted the guide to his blog.

He continues:

Greg Oster helped me troubleshoot some of the issues and also later sent to misc@ a guide for "Booting from RAIDFRAME in multiuser before Parity re-write" which helped me resume normal operations quickly if the servers suffered from a power outage problem (even with a UPS) rather than wait for 45 minutes to complete parity rewrite.

Siju again makes the posting available on his blog.

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  1. By klemen ( on

    I build it from this tutorial (hxxp:// 4.1 and 4.2. Works perfect. ;)


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