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p2k7: Ports Hackathon in Budapest

Contributed by merdely on from the hacking-on-the-danube dept.

Robert Nagy (robert@) and the city of Budapest played host to this year's Ports Hackathon. We gathered in the same facility as last year where we discussed items like licensing issues and more frequent snapshots packages builds. Oh, and we hacked on ports.

Outside of the hacking room, we ate like Sir Lancelot, toured the city, dined on a ship and recruited local hackers.

It cannot be said enough how useful these events are. They are funded through CD sales and donations, so please help us make more of these events possible.

Here's a short list of some of what got done:

  • ajacoutot@: worked on replacing c-client with a license friendly one (built from latest imap-uw sources), worked on PPC specific issues with PWlib, brought gkrellm into better shape, work on hplip (a replacement for print/hpijs), and the usual updates and fixes.

  • espie@: major make improvements

  • jasper@: massive updates for gtk 2.12 & gnome 2.20.1, work on telepathy and various cleanups and other updates.

  • landry@: imported notification-daemon and notification-daemon-xfce (added a MESSAGE when installing devel/libnotify to tell user to install one of them), imported slim, worked on updates for GnuTLS and opencdk, fixed xfwm4 hangup bug with gtk+2.12, updated ristretto, orage and xfce4-fsguard, worked on a port for xfce4-places, and made some kazehakase tests (port will be candidate to ports-tree as soon as GnuTLS 2 is commited).

  • mbalmer@: busy with some OpenCON organization stuff, began work decoupling zope release cycle from OpenBSD release cycle (supporting more than one branch of zope -- Plone will follow) and took over vax ports snapshots.

  • merdely@: Worked out many issues with bacula-2.2.5 (not done yet), made several improvements to login_ldap (not imported yet), updates to awesome, dwm, dmenu and other minor updates and took over alpha ports snapshots.

  • robert@: organizing the event, openoffice update and php configuration file normalization.

  • simon@: many, many perl updates

  • steven@: libtool replacement, berkeley db 4.6 update, wxwidgets 2.8 and a few smaller port updates

Everyone else was busy updating existing ports or importing new ones and were too busy to send me a list of what they did. :)

Thank you, again, to robert@ for organizing such a useful, fun, productive event.

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  1. By Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse (jasper) on

    it was really a nice and productive week. already looking forward to the next portathon! :-)

  2. By Andrés Delfino ( on

    Thanks for your work!

    One question: has the libtool replacement been commited?

    1. By Matthias Kilian ( on

      > One question: has the libtool replacement been commited?

      Yes, but it's still work in progress and not yet used by default.

  3. By Andrés Delfino ( on

    If someone is interested, the libtool replacement is located in ports/infrastructure/build/libtool.


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