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Jem Report Interview: The OpenBSD Foundation's Ken Westerback

Contributed by merdely on from the more-donations dept.

On the heels of the recent announcement of The OpenBSD Foundation, one of the founders, Ken Westerback (krw@), was interviewed by Jem Matzan of the Jem Report. In the interview, Jem and Ken discuss Theo's support and participation in the foundation, the Foundation's charity status and its ability to issue tax receipts, the Foundation's purpose, its members and the ability to "buy a feature".

Read the full interview with Ken at the Jem Report.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    "KW: We currently accept cheques only. The more zeros on the end, the faster OpenBSD will progress. :-)."

    LOL Get paypal it takes 5min.

    1. By Darrin Chandler (dwc) on

      > LOL Get paypal it takes 5min.

      The percentage hit for using paypal can be prohibitive for largish donations. Also, large companies often use more traditional means of payment, and that's what the Foundation seems geared toward.

      If you want to donate using paypal you may do so...


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