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Running on OpenBSD - The Conclusion (Part 4)

Contributed by merdely on from the trilogy-plus-one dept.

Following up on Parts 1, 2 & 3, Pantelis Roditis completes his series "Running on OpenBSD" with Part 4: The Conclusion. From the article:

Why we got into this adventure in the first place? When we formed Echothrust Solutions, we needed to setup our servers (web, mail, firewalls at first). We could use a hosting provider (and in matter of fact we did and still use) but we felt that we had to maintain control of the servers. We had to create the entire infrastructure from start, and we wanted to make it right in the first place. As we started to gather our detailed requirements it was obvious that we had a lot of servers to setup. Since I was already a fanatic OpenBSD user I proposed to go with it. Once we had decided that our servers would go with OpenBSD we added the workstations into the picture and verified that the system still meets the initial requirements.

Pantelis also explains their requirements and how the four contenders fared (OpenBSD, Linux, Windows, MacOS), maintenance, difficulties and the costs involved with implementing their systems.

Visit the blog for the rest of the conclusion.

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  1. By Obi ( on

    Excellent article!! Great reading - makes me feel so good inside ya know?! I can really use this the next time I have to give justifications for choosing OpenBSD over Linux. I was thinking of using OpenWebmail for our new web-based email server but now I'll also give RoundCube a try-out as well since that's what they are using and its working well for them. My thinking on using OpenBSD is that its always my 1st choice and to first try and use it for EVERYTHING, then got to Linux as a (very) relucant secoond choice (like for VMware).


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