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New firmware for wpi(4)

Contributed by merdely on from the we-dont-need-no-stinking-wifi dept.

Johan M:son Lindman writes:

Damien Bergamini (damien@) has just commited code to support the new firmware package 2.14.4 for the wpi(4) wireless driver supporting the Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG IEEE 802.11a/b/g wireless network device.

So for those of you following -current, remember to download the new firmware before you boot to your freshly compiled kernel.

Note: This only applies to those running -current.

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  1. By brandini ( on

    I've recently been cursing at my Z61m because of how flakey the wireless is to the point of having to throw in a ral0 pcmcia card. I'm happy to report that after installing the recent snapshot and installing the new firmware my wireless seems to be working flawlessly. As a side note, I've never seen it work on anything higher than OFDM24 and it was working beautifully on OFDM48 (auto-neg). Good work!


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