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Swedish Fundraiser getting closer.

Contributed by jj on from the odd-people-celebrating-odd-releases dept.

We're doing the last preparations for the Swedish slackathon, 2007 a few new talks are set, and one fell off. Still, this will be a good place to meet other BSD people in Sweden and of course donate to the project!

Same place as last year, the date is set at the 16th of June with no entrance fee and lots of ways to spend money where it counts! The current list of talks now look like this:
Anders Lindgren - Will give a speach about NetBSD-development on ARM-based SBC:s. (single-board-computers)
Leif Larsson from L3 System will talk about OpenBSD-installations they have implemented on client sites.
Daniel Stenberg will talk about how to succeed with Open Source-projects, with 'curl' being the obvious example.
Robert Malmgren will make a talk about the history of IT security in the 90s.
Philip Olsson and Björn Andersson will talk about collecting viruses with the help of Nepenthes.
Richard Nyberg will talk about the development of an command-line BitTorrent client under *BSD, btpd.
Thordur I. Bjornsson (thib@) will give a talk about current directions of the filesystem and memory management code.

There will also be some workshops, mostly network-benchmark related. Since the hackathon brought up so many improvements here, it should get really interresting to see how last years hardware will perform on -current this year!

All current info available at the English page and at the Swedish page.

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