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C2K7 - Sensing Improvement

Contributed by merdely on from the i-wasted-my-pun-on-the-title dept.

Earlier today, cnst@ committed updates to the sensorsd framework. Sensors that provide sensor status are automatically monitored, but they can be set to be ignored. There's also better flexibility with the old-style sensors.

Commit message below.

Module name:	src
Changes by:	cnst a t cvs openbsd org	2007/05/30 01:49:37

Modified files:
	usr.sbin/sensorsd: sensorsd.8 sensorsd.c sensorsd.conf.5 
	etc            : sensorsd.conf 

Log message:
Major update to sensorsd.

Improves support for both 'smart' (those providing sensor status) and
'old-style' sensors.

Due to re-design, the following improvements are now present and many
flaws are now gone:

== for smart sensors ==

* automatically monitor all sensors that provide status by themselves,
with the possibility to ignore certain individual sensors or sensors
of certain type (appropriate template for sensorsd.conf is included)

* report actual sensor status as provided by the driver. Previously,
WARN, CRITICAL and UNKNOWN statuses were considered the same, but
now they are different and will be reported separately. This also
improves readability of the log-files and consistency with sysctl

* ability to ignore status provided by the driver with the 'istatus'
keyword ("ignore automatic status" or "I set the status"), with the
possibility to set your own settings for acceptable limits.
Previously, it was not possible to set any kind of user limits for
those sensors that had their own status facilities.

== for old-style sensors ==

* previously, lm(4)-style fans that were flagged SENSOR_FINVALID during
sensorsd startup were completely ignored, but now their invalid status
is appropriately reported, and they are monitored again when they come
out of their invalid mode

* previously, a sensor that had an empty entry in the configuration file
was reported to be "within limits", but now it will not be monitored
at all (unless, of cause, it provides its own status)

As a bonus, sensorsd syslog entries should now be shorter, and the
majority of them will fit on one line on 80-column terminals.

ok beck@, henning@, deraadt@

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