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USB touchscreens wanted.

Contributed by jj on from the Reach-out-and-touch-me dept.

In order to better support USB touchscreens, OpenBSD needs your help.

Robert@ called out for donations or loans to make them work better with OpenBSD. If you have any to spare, make them available to the project.
Robert writes:
Hi everyone.

Lately I have been working on uts(4) -- USB touchscreen support
and after a working driver has been commited
but we I am kinda stuck because there is no calibration support, therefore
the driver cannot be enabled in the GENERIC kernel and you can only guess
the proper scaling values.

To have proper calibration support we need touchscreens.
The size does not really matter, it can be a small one like 7"
or a big 15"+ one. The only USB touchscreen I have is an
LG L1510SF LCD Monitor and I would like to have a smaller eGalax or
a Liliput one because they behave kinda differently. 
It would be nice if matthieu@ could also have one because he could really
help me with calibration.
If you feel that you would like to help us out in any way
please contact me or matthieu.

If you have a USB touchscreen that you need but you can just loan it
to us for the Hackathon that is also ok.

Thank you for your continuous support.

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  1. By guly ( on

    hackaton when/where?


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