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CONFidence 2007 (May 12-13, 2007)

Contributed by Jacek Artymiak on from the dept.

The preparations for the third edition of the CONFidence security conference are in full swing and we are pleased to announce that there will be a very strong OpenBSD representation.

CONFidence 2007 is taking place in Krakow (Cracow), Poland on May 12-13. Come and join us for talks, tutorial, and fun.

PS. A fair number of budget airlines fly into the Krakow Balice airport, so a trip to Poland is no longer an expensive expedition it used to be. Let us know if you need help with inexpensive accommodation.

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  1. By Motley Fool (MotleyFool) on

    Jacek, good to see you around. I hope your health is better.

    1. By Jacek Artymiak ( on

      > Jacek, good to see you around. I hope your health is better.

      Ain't dying. At least, not yet. Keep on rocking, guys!


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