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More testing, X11 and AGP this time.

Contributed by jj on from the we-are-mice-please-do-tests-on-us dept.

Dimitry Andric writes:

Quite recently, a diff went into -current that allows the generic AGP allocation code to allocate its memory in multiple segments, instead of one big contiguous chunk. This should have fixed a lot of X startup crashes after activities that exercise memory a lot (e.g. make builds, building big ports, etc).

The following diff, which I'd like to have tested on as much agp capable machines as possible, will simplify another part of the AGP code, which manages the binding of pages to the GATT. This might speed up starting X a little, and possibly leave more contigous kernel memory for other drivers to use.

Please apply to a fairly recent -current snapshot, and report (offlist) whether you see any regressions, such as X crashing where it didn't crash before, strange dmesg changes, etc. In case of doubt, supply dmesg and Xorg.log files.

The original mail and the diff is available here.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Rebuilding now with the patch...

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      > Rebuilding now with the patch...
      All looks good here (x86). I'll email detailed results shortly.

  2. By Maxim Bourmistrov (EN) on

    Stable so far, on i386.


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