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Recent dhclient(8) changes need testing

Contributed by Darrin Chandler on from the dept.

There's been some good work recently on dhclient to clean it, update it, and bring it more in line with ISC's stuff. Since dhcp is often done in a mixed environment, testing is crucial...

In a recent message to the openbsd-tech list, Kenneth R Westerback writes:

Recent code clean ups in, and fixes to, dhclient code have recently accumulated and really need some good testing. As snapshots my be sporadically updated for the next few weeks, testers will have to manually re-compile and install a -current dhclient. All this involves (assuming an existing -current source tree) is

cd /usr/src/sbin/dhclient
make clean
make obj
make install

Make sure that your tree has an options.c of r1.31 or later.

Testing the dhclient against a wide variety of dhcp servers is what we need. Especially any 'delicate' ones or situations with a complex dhclient.conf or dhcpd.conf (or equivalent).

In particular, since it is mentioned in ISC's dhclient code, tests against the STSN dhcp server used in many hotels would be very appreciated.

Reports that these changes make problematic situations better would be the best. :-). Clear descriptions of new problems would be a close runner up.

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  1. By Scotty (s2scott) on

    A newbie-to-the-journal question ... do any of these dhclient(8) changes include inclusion of DynamicDNS features, included in ISC, but ?until now? absent in OpenBSD?



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